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Empowered Coaching was founded in 2022 by Macie and Scott, who saw the need to combine the education of dietetics with exercise for clients to reach their highest potential and feel empowered. 

With the goal of clients having power and control over their own lives, the empowered coaching team focuses on education, tools and personalised programs to empower their clients to look after their own health, as it is the only thing we truly own. 



After losing 50kg in high school, Macie was inspired to learn more about the human body and how food impacted it. Having found it difficult to navigate food herself in the beginning of the journey, Macie became a dietitian and online nutrition coach. 

From the lived experience of the difficulties around navigating food, Macie is passionate around education and empowering individuals to reach their goals through sustainable habits, balance and prioritising health. 

Macie believes food is more than fuel, it is pleasure, enjoyment and socialisation. Through her unique set of dietetic skills, she creates bulletproof plans for you to succeed in tour health journey. 


Macie holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Dietetic Practise and is a current Accredited Practising Dietitian under Dietitian's Australia. 




A personal trainer of 6 years, Scott has a wealth of knowledge about exercise and movement. With a love of training and education, Scott turned his passion into his career. 

Now with an ICN show under his belt and a pool of clients with incredible results, Scott has an incredible coaching ethic and methodology. 

Scott aims to get the best results out of clients with bespoke programs that incorporate an individual’s lifestyle, balance and flexibility. 



with a sustainable and flexible approach 

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